“Dreadful” U.K. record of Serco detention company sparks Greens Randwick Council motion seeking input into NSW Government plan to transfer public housing management to community service providers – 15th August 2016.

At the next Tuesday’s Randwick Council meeting Greens Councillor Murray Matson will move that Randwick seek input with the NSW Government into the media flagged transference of NSW public housing management to community service providers.

Councillor Matson is highly concerned that one potential bidder, the detention company Serco, has been found by a UK government inquiry to have provided substandard services to tenants.

But a British parliamentary inquiry found Serco and another company, G4S, had provided substandard public housing with pest infestations, and “intimidated” tenants by entering homes without knocking, under the Home Office contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars.” (Sun Herald journalist Kristy NeedHam).

Councillor Matson said today,

“It is of concern that in the UK Serco’s has been found to provide a dreadful quality of service that I wouldn’t be happy with our own Council’s significant number of public housing residents receiving.”


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