Green Councillor called on to protect frogs in resident maintained South Coogee urban pond now threatened by public housing works -21st October 2016

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson is seeking urgent clarification from Randwick Council that a pond containing five species of frogs will not be destroyed by upgrade work now underway on public housing land

Councillor Matson said that he was contacted on Friday morning by a resident who has been voluntarily tending the pond for many years outside Building 14 in Wauhope Crescent, South Coogee.

He said,

“The resident claimed to have been told by Bridge Housing contractors that there were no conditions under their ‘exempt’ consent specifically protecting the pond. Apparently the works will come within centimetres of the pond and that there are no special precautions being planned to protect the 5 frog species present in such as dust screens.”

Councillor Matson said that he was trying to clarify whether any of the threatened frogs were endangered species and whether Council could insist on the erection of dust and sludge screens.

A resident who maintains a pond for urban frogs thinks that they may be threatened by pending works a public housing estate in South Coogee.

One of five species of frog breeding in a threaten pond in South Coogee

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