Randwick-Botany Greens against rescission motion to remove contamination and truck access clauses from Bundock Street CSELR resolution – 5th December 2016

Randwick Green Councillors will not be supporting the rescission motion submitted against last month’s Council resolution on the use of Defence owned land at Bundock Street, Randiwck.

Councillor Murray Matson says that the rescission motion “is against the health interests of Bundock Street residents” because it seeks to remove a contamination “alert clause” inserted into the resolution by the Greens.

The rescission motion seeks to remove clauses inserted by Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey last month calling for the vehicle entrance to be moved from Bundock Street to Avoca Street and for a contamination expert to verify that contamination won’t be a risk to residents.

Councillor Matson clarified,

“I have been warning Council for years that sections of the Defence force land is contaminated in various ways. Contamination from dust and rain runoff is a real and disturbing issue for Bundock Street residents. That clause should definitely not be deleted.”

Councillor Matson says he does not see how heavy vehicles are going to be able to easily access the site.

“It’s going to be difficult for heavy construction vehicles coming from CSELR construction works to readily access Bundock Street. I don’t think that getting 58 parking spaces in Kingsford is worth the traffic torture of moving heavy vehicles through Rainbow, Avoca or Canberra streets. It should be remembered that CSELR works will already be restricting traffic along High Street.


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