Kingsford to Kensington (K2K) town centre review: Councillor implores Loracn Byrne to meet with him and General Manager – 17th January 2017

17th January 2017

Letter to Editor
Southern Courier

Loracn Byrne’s  (Courier 17th Jan 2017) mistaken belief that Council is proposing 9 storey buildings on “most of Doncaster Avenue and all around Kensington Park” reflects the honest conviction of many Kensington and Kingsford residents.

But why? The fact sheet actually suggests no height changes in these areas. I read it as proposing changes confined to a narrow strip “along the 2.5km Anzac Parade corridor”.  But clearly the wording somehow allows for a misunderstanding that needs clarification!

Loracn seems to believe that the winning K2K design has been uncritically incorporated by Council into the formal rezoning proposal. In fact  K2K’s suggested height changes outside the Anzac Parade strip have not been taken up by Council.

I implore Loracn to contact me (0409-984-587 @murraymatson) so that I can call on the Council’s General Manager to meet with us both and thrash out what Council actually proposes.

I am happy for the Southern Courier and a single representative from the Kensington West Kingsford West precinct committee to also accompany us.

I look forward to Loracn Byrne taking up my invitation.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson


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