Appalling attitude displayed by would-be spear fishers at Randwick Council’s Malabar rock pool 23rd January 2017

Green Councillor Murray Matson alerts Randwick Council General Manager after local residents intervene to stop spear fishing in Council rook pool

Ray Brownlee
General Manager
Randwick City Council

Maroubra spear fishing in pool complaint 23-1-2017

Residents intervene to deter would-be spear fishers from Randwick Council’s Malabar rock pool.

Dear Ray

Please note below reports of an appalling attitude displayed by would be spear fishers at Council’s Malabar rock pool.

Local residents had to intervene to dissuade a group of spear fishers who were bent on killing fish present in the pool.

Can you please bring forward a Council report on the matter with options such as signage to make it clear that this is just not on.

A suitable media statement and a warning on the Council web site would be appropriate. I also attach Council’s rangers timely response.

The original facebook posting can be found here.

Thank you.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson @murraymatson
CC Mayor Noel D’Souza

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