Anzac Parade Corridor Light Rail Analysis 2016 prepared for Randwick City Council by EMM January 20th 2017

Randwick City Council has commissioned EMM to produce an analysis of how the CSELR light rail service will operate in the Kingsford to Kensington section of Anzac Parade as part of it’s draft
Kensington and Kingsford Planning Strategy

Click here for the EMM report: Anzac Parade Corridor Light Rail Analysis 2016

Artist’s impression of the future CSELR light rail service on Anzac Parade between Kensington and Kingsford.

The draft Kingsford and Kensington Plannin Strategy is Randwick Council’s key argument that multiple random spot rezonings to 25 storeys int the two town centres should not be permitted by the NSW Government.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson is proposing to respond to media comment on the EMM reporty by moving the following amendment at the Randwick City Council meeting of the 28th Febraury 2017.

Amendment: “That Council notes that on the 15th of September 2016 Greens MLC Mehreen Farugui successfully set up the NSW parliamentary Select Committee on the CBD and South East Light Rail Project that will include in its inquiries:

  • (c) the impact of the project on public transport patronage and relevant government transport targets; and
  • (d) any modelling, analysis and studies on public transport usage associated with project design and decisions;

Accordingly Council will:

  1. Wait until the current Select Committee has finished and its findings are available for study before considering calling for another inquiry; and
  2. Commission a follow up study on the EMM findings reassessing their combined bus and light rail predictions using improved light rail service frequencies on the Kingsford branch line of 5, 4 and 2 minutes for 2020 based on different occupancy rates comprising  of EMM’s figure of 80% for light rail and that of EMM’s reported current average bus capacity of 70%; and
  3. Consider a General Manager’s report on the follow up study’s findings with a view to making an appropriate submission to the NSW parliamentary Select Committee on the CBD and South East Light Rail Project.”


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