Cooks Cove:Barton Park – Bayside Council should vote on Barton Park say St George Greens Council candidates – Monday 27th February, 2017

Bayside Council Greens Council candidates say the proposal to relocate Kogarah Golf Club to Barton Park in Cooks Cove is a “disgraceful land grab that should not be decided by council administrators” – and have called on all Local Government election candidates to oppose it.

“This proposal puts developer greed ahead of the local community’s needs,” said Brent Heber and Greta Werner, both Greens candidates in the upcoming Local Government elections for Bayside Council.

“For the council’s administrators to undertake such a massive scale of re-planning bypasses the democratic process.

“Bayside residents deserve for these matters to be deferred six months until after the September elections, so our chosen councillors can make these decisions.”

St George Greens also challenged all Bayside Local Government candidates to make their positions known on this issue before the September election.

“If any Local Government candidates actually support this proposal, they need to be up-front with the community and declare their position,” Heber and Werner said.

All Greens councillors are firmly opposed to the plan, which Heber and Werner said would “…massively increase urban density, take a treasured public space from the community, and threaten wetlands that are ecologically vital for native birds and wildlife.”

“The Greens are standing up to defend our local lifestyle, our access to internationally significant wetlands and playing fields.”

Bayside Council, currently being run under an Administrator, is set to make a recommendation on the fate of a huge amount of pubic green space.

The Kogarah Golf Club has proposed relocating south to take over Barton Park, the local wetlands and many playing fields to turn them into a privately operated golf course – all so they can sell off their existing land to developers and profit from 5000 planned residences.


Greta Werner Greens candidate for Bayside Council in 2017
Brent Heber Greens candidate for Bayside Council in 2017

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