UPDATE: Latest version of CSELR Light Rail amendment for Randwick Council debate – 27th February 2017

Here is the latest version of Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson’s  CSELR light rail amendment for Tuesday night’s Randwick Council meeting.

TEXT OF AMENDMENT to item NM10/17 motion pursuant to notice: “Light Rail Capacity study – Call for Commission of Inquiry”

“That Council notes that on the 15th of September 2016 Greens MLC Mehreen Faruqi unsuccessfully moved to set up a NSW parliamentary Select Committee on the CBD and South East Light Rail Project and will:

  1. Now call for the NSW Parliament to reconsider Greens MLC Mehreen Faruqi’s motion of the 15th September for the setting up of NSW Parliamentary Select Committee on the CBD and South East Light Rail Project;
  2. Commission a follow up study on the EMM findings reassessing their combined bus and light rail predictions using:
  • improved light rail service frequencies on the branch line of 6,5,4 and 2 minutes for 2020;
  • different achievable occupancy rates including the corridor’s average bus capacity of 70%;
  • a total dedication of the entirety of the CSELR line to rail only;
  • the adoption of Moving Block Signalling;
  • the extension of the Kingsford branch stations to allow for three or more linked carriages; and
  • other frequency enhancing strategies that Council officers think useful; and
  1. Consider a General Manager’s report on the follow up study’s findings with a view to making an appropriate submission to NSW parliamentarians or to a NSW parliamentary committee.”



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