Randwick to consider adopting City of Sydney Green Wall policy – 28th February 2017

UPDATE: The policy was adopted at last night’s Randwick Council meeting.

Tonight Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson will urge Randwick Council to adopt the City of Sydney’s Green wall policy.

Councillor Matson says:

Small green wall added to an existing toilet block. Source City of Sydney case study.

“Randwick Council could seek to adopt the City of Sydney green wall policy. Then it would be an architectural possibility for designers to consider when commissioned to plan town centre buildings or as an option for Councillors to consider for any Council facility building.  It could also be a retrofitting option suggested by Council when proposals come along to freshen up or re-render some of our more unfortunate 1970’s style blocks of existing flats.”

SMH writer Leesha McKenny recently covered the green wall concept. Councillor Matson say’s that green walls are already suggested in Randwick’s draft Kensington and Kingsford Planning Strategy. But he says that it could also have Council wide relevance by further adding it into the Council’s general Development Control Plan (DCP).


The City of Sydney states that it is committed to increasing the number of high quality green roofs and walls in Sydney. In April 2014, the City adopted the green roofs and walls policy – the first of its kind in Australia.

The City of Sydney considers Green roofs and walls as providing many environmental and community benefits and as “an integral part of any sustainable city”.

Sydney Council lists some benefits as:

  • improved air quality
  • beautifying buildings and the cityscape
  • supporting local biodiversity
  • supporting our physical and mental health
  • insulating buildings from heat and noise
  • creating new open space for recreation and food growing
  • extending roof life by protecting the waterproofing layer from weather and temperature changes
  • improving solar panel efficiency
  • cooling city temperatures and reducing the urban heat island effect
  • slowing and cleaning storm water runoff from buildings


“That Council brings back a report to Councillors on the City of Sydney’s Green Roofs and Walls Policy assessing adoption of our own version of the Policy along with possible amendments to our Development Control Plan.”

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