Which Kensington bus services are going to be privatised and how will this impact on planned CSELR services? – 16th May 2017

In 2013 former Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian wanted to reduce CBD congestion by both diverting bus services away from having to go in and out of the city centre and by directly replacing them with CSELR light rail cars.

Redesigned bus services in the Sydney CBD will work together with light rail to reduce congestion and revolutionise the way residents, workers and visitors get around our city.” (Then Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian December 2013)

Have the State Government’s promised better bus services of 2013 that were supposed to support the CSELR light rail line been abandoned for a quick privatisation buck?

Randwick Green Councillor Murray Matson asks why is the current Transport Minister suddenly talking about privatising bus services?

The contract for Bus Region 6 – which runs 233 routes from Olympic Park in the city’s west to Kensington in the city’s southeast – will be put out to private tender to ensure a more reliable service, Transport Minister Andrew Constance says.” (News.com.au May 15 2017)

“Will Berejiklian’s 2013 objective of reducing CBD congestion still be achievable if the bus services that she saw as working in with light rail are to be now be privatised under the new Transport Minister? Are we seeing a case of objective creep in which integrated public transport objectives have morphed over 4 years into the blind implementation of right wing privatisation ideology?”

Councillor Murray Matson will raise the subject for local debate by a motion to next Tuesday’s Randwick Council meeting.


“That Council commissions further studies into the future carrying capacity of the CBD to South East Light Rail using a range of alternative operating scenarios including:

  • Announced State Government intentions to privatise bus services between the CBD and Kensington;
  • improved light rail service frequencies on the branch line of 6,5,4 and 2 minutes for 2020;
  • different achievable occupancy rates including  the corridor’s average bus capacity of 70%;
  • a total dedication of the entirety of the CSELR line to rail only;
  • the adoption of Moving Block Signalling;
  • the extension of the Kingsford branch stations to allow for three or more linked carriages; and
  • other frequency enhancing strategies that Council officers think useful.”


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