Greens celebrate successful outcome to “Fair Go For Kingsford” campaign as Council buys rest of the Kingsford market site from the NSW state government – 25th May 2017

“Job done” said Greens Councillor Murray Matson after Randwick City Council agreed to buy the State Government owned section of the old Kingsford Market site.

Matson and fellow Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey have been consistently pushing for the transfer of the site to Randwick Council under the campaign slogan “Fair Go For Kingsford”.

Randwick Green Councillors Murray Matson and Lindsay Shurey have been campaigning to retain the old Kingsford Market site for Council use rather than being sold off to a private developer

Some of the site will now be used to offset parking lost in Kingsford from the CBD to South East Light Rail line. But there is also the potential to build additional structures above  the  car park for community  uses. Councillor Matson had previously proposed that a new governance centre should be built above a car park if the now dead-in-the water Council merger proposal went ahead.

The Greens want to make the best use of the site and will be calling for public consultation to decide what community facilities could be built on the site in addition to the car park.

Cr Matson said that he will be calling for local consultation wit Kingsford residents and local businesses along with The Juniors Club (formerly South Juniors) to formalise a concept for the Council to work with.

“The Greens always wanted the site to be used to get back lost parking for Kingsford businesses. But the site can also be used for the community in one form or another such as a cultural centre. We need input from the community which can be sampled at the same time as the election.”

The Greens are proposing the incorporation of a high level of ecologically sound principles such as roof top solar power and the recovery of rainwater  to irrigate substantial ‘green walls’ of vertical vegetation plantings facing the streets of Kingsford. Cr Shurey said:

“We have purchased this valuable site in order to stop it being auctioned off by the Government to private developers. We now have the chance to build something really wonderful there. It should certainly include the option of Randwick’s first really big green wall construction on the southern gateway to Kingsford.”

The City of Sydney is proactively promoting green walls and roofs with a guide to how to how to set them up. It has a map of current green wall and roof sites. One of these might provide the inspiration for a Kingsford Market version.



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