Alison Road CSELR light rail name fight: Green Councillor Lindsay Shurey makes progress in support of “Centennial Parklands” rather than a racecourse name – 29th May 2017

UPDATE on the issue of name choice for the divisive Alison Road light rail stop in Randwick.

Randwick Green Councillor Lindsay Shurey has successfully moved that Randwick Council will now put forward more than just one choice of name for the contentious Alison road light rail stop.

Should the CSELR light rail stop for Alison Road Randwick have a name reflecting the commercial racing industry or that of the public open space of Centennial Park?

Instead of just “Randwick Racecourse” there will now also be equal Council support for the popular community alternative choice of “Centennial Parklands”.

The Green Councillors had wanted just a single name choice for the park at an earlier Council meeting this year but had been outvoted in favor of a racecourse related name.

She says that the success of her latest motion has now brought the “community choice” back into contention. She said;

“Randwick Council’s survey of this year shows that the local community does not want an advertised stop name that forever promotes a commercial entity over the public open space of Centennial Park. In fact TfNSW itself originally recommended that Council support a park related name. The previous vote was out of step with the popular view but my amending motion has at least partially corrected Council’s official position.”

The Greens say that a racecourse name will not be locally well received because of the bitter legacy of the removal of iconic Centennial Park trees along Alison Road for the light rail. Councillor Shurey said;

“The Liberal State Government copped a massive community backlash when it switched the light rail alignment along Alison Road against the objections of Randwick Council and its’ Green Councillors. Everyone knows that those Centennial Park trees would not have had to be cut down if the rail line had stayed on the racecourse side of the road as per the original Government planning consent.”

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