London Grenfell Tower disaster: Randwick Councillors to debate a local response – 23rd June 2017

Randwick Council will be asked by its Green Councillors to assess the risk of fire to local properties in response to the high-rize fire in London’s Grenfell Tower building.

A motion by Councillor Murray Matson will go to next Tuesday night’s Council meeting.

The SMH recently raised the issue of whether the NSW system of privately hired Accredited Certifiers were up to the job of supervising construction works.

Councillor Matson said today that the community would be expecting local Councils facing development pressures to give reliable assurances that safe construction materials will be used. He said,

“There are issues arising from the Grenfell Tower fire that any Council should be asking itself. For example, the State Government has encouraged  spot rezonings in our Kensington and Kingsford town centres for towers of up to 25 storeys. Will the Board of Fire Commissioners guarantee they can rescue people that high up? Can we on Randwick Council guarantee that burnable cladding is not affixed to the exteriors? Are we prepared to accept that developers will be able to employ their own choice of Accredited Certifiers to monitor the building works?”


That, as a response to the recent high rise fire in London’s Grenfell Tower building:

  1. A report be brought back to Councillors assessing the risk of fire to local properties from past building practices in the LGA;
  2. That an assurance is sought from the State and Federal Governments that present regulatory controls are sufficient to prevent the use of dangerous or substandard construction materials in the LGA;
  3. An appraisal of issues involving the role and performance of NSW Accredited Certifiers in the prevention of building fires be undertaken and reported back to Councillors;
  4. An assessment be conducted into the appropriateness of Council’s standard conditions of consent and the building controls contained in Council’s Development Control Plan; and
  5. Options are brought forward for the drafting of an appropriate motion on these issues to be submitted to the next Local Government NSW Annual Conference later this year.

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