Climate Change: Fears that Bill Shorten will roll over and accept a Clean Energy Target built on Coal power – 18th July 2017

Labor Leader Bill Shorten appears to be signalling that his party maybe about to  accept a Clean Energy Target that will allow a high enough threshold to allow coal-fired generators to receive certificates.

An article in the Guardian refers to the Labor Leader as expressing a desire to reach an agreement on climate issues with the government. The article states that Shorten says:

“Labor is prepared to pass legislation giving effect to the Finkel review this year, and has called for the Turnbull government to sit down with the opposition to craft a bipartisan solution.” (source

The Guardian reports Shorten is planning to make an announcement at the Clean Energy Summit  currently underway  in Sydney.

Although not clearly stated the article can be read as suggesting that he is preparing to conceding considerable ground to the Nationals and the coal industry to get that national consensus.

Local Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson comments:

“A Shorten-Labor sell out today will be a big win for National leader Barnaby Joyce who will only be left with the Greens causing him trouble by highlighting fossil fuel industry threats to the Great Barrier Reef and Australian farmers.

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