CSELR Light Rail: What’s in a name for a stop? A Lot! Centennial Park trees before punters! – 18th July 2017

18th July 2017

The Editor
The Southern Courier

Well, me and fellow Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey coped a media serve for trying to vote for the people-choice name of Centennial Parklands for the Alison Road light rail stop.

Community resentment remains over a State Government decision to move the Alison Road section of the CSELR light rail project across to the Centennial Park side of the road.

All I can say is that that if the Government wants to name the stop after the racecourse then it shouldn’t have moved the rail line to the northern side of the road next to Centennial Park.

The original plan had the stop at the entrance to the racecourse on the south side. Now intoxicated racegoers will have to navigate across Alison Road to reach to the stop.

Why did the Government do it? They blew their credibility as urban planners and endured months of protests against the removal of magnificent Centennial Park trees. Me and Lindsay got the Council to put protest signs up and down Alison Road.

Anyway, what’s wrong using with the stop name to promote financial support thru tourism for Sydney’s top public park rather than the commercial interests of the racing industry? Trees before punters I say.

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