Keep Coogee Beach Reserves for families and not commercial interests – 20-7-2017

Greens Councillor Murray Matson comments on Liberal Councillor Brendan Roberts motion for  next Tuesday night’s Randwick Council meeting to allow commercial interests to use Coogee Beach reserves . Cr Matson: “I will not be voting for it.”


The comments below may be attributed to Greens Councillor Murray Matson who represents the residents of Coogee Beach as a representative for Randwick Council’s East Ward

I reject the argument in clause a) that this is not-for-profit as it is clearly an advertising event for individual commercial businesses many of them alcohol related. I thus also reject the proposal (clauses k and l) that Council forego the rightful income to our ratepayers from allowing commercial interests to financially benefit from use of the residents and ratepayers beach reserve.

It is disappointing that we are again considering alienating Coogee Beach’s reserve when we have only just reasserted the right of residents to walk safety in them via my successful motion of earlier this year to impose a permanent 24 hour all-year round drinking ban.

“The beach is safe for families again” says Randwick Greens Councillor who rejects the ‘wowser” label after successfully imposing a permanent 24 hour all-year round public drinking ban at Coogee Beach in early 2017.

There is the further issue that there are outstanding fees from the previous year’s event organised by the same organization and that we are currently still in dispute with them over how much is owed to the ratepayers.

It is thus pointless to approve the event (see clause j) on the proviso that the 2016 fees be immediately paid if that is going to be impossible because of the lack of agreement. If the full amount is not paid the event will have gained too much momentum for Council to call off without inconveniencing individual stall holders.


“That Council:

a)    Note the TOC event is a not-for-profit event staged by the Coogee Chamber of Commerce to promote local small businesses, provide a service to the local community, and to support local charity organisations;

b)    Note the charity that will be supported in 2017 is Sophie Cotton-Smith’s Running for Premature Babies;

c)    Note that over $60,000 has been raised for local charities since TOC started in 2013;

d)    Note full event financials have been provided to Council for the TOC 2016 event in advance of the 2017 event;

e)    Note outstanding fees remain for the 2016 event, and there’s dispute between Council and the organisers as to what the outstanding fees should be;

f)     Note the 2017 event has not been approved by Council due to the late submission of the TOC financials, and dispute over the amount of fees owed;

g)    Resolves to provide clarity on the fees that are expected to be paid and when they need to be paid for the 2016 and 2017 events;

h)    Request immediate payment from TOC for the service and labour fees incurred by Council for the 2016 event: $9,062;

i)    Waive the usage and stall registration fees associated with the 2016 event: $17,210.50;

j)    Approve the 2017 TOC event slated for 2 and 3 September on condition that the 2016 service and labour fees of $9,062 is immediately paid;

k)    Charge only service and labour fees for the 2017 event;

l)    Waive usage and stall registration fees for the 2017 event;

m)   Undertake to withhold any approvals for potential TOC events in 2018 and beyond until any and all outstanding fees from the previous event be paid; and

n)    Request the organiser invite the Mayor to address the community, and undertake to appropriately and prominently acknowledge and promote Council’s contribution and support to the event.”


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