Taste Of Coogee Festival: Randwick Councillors approve 2017 event with out any indemnification for ratepayers in case of accidents or damages – 3rd August 2017

The General Manger
Randwick City Council

Dear General Manager

   Randwick Councillors have      approved the 2017 Taste Of    Coogee Festival with no          accident indemnification for    ratepayers.

I ask you the following questions to prepare myself for the debate on the rescission motion submitted against the recent Councillors’ resolution to approve the 2017 Taste Of Coogee Festival.

QUESTION 1: Will a failure by the festival organisers to now submit to Council a completed event application (i.e.  “Events and Activities Application Form for Parks, Reserves, Beaches and Parks”) invalidate the approval granted to them by the resolution to Councillor Brendan Roberts’ motion? In short, can they now proceed to hold the festival without any further requirements?

QUESTION 2: What, if any, binding level of indemnification of Council for accidents or damages has been committed to by the festival organisers in the absence of a completed event application? In short, are Council rate payers protected against any mistakes the organisers make?

QUESTION 3: Will Council retain any ability to force the festival organisers to submit an event application to provide indemnification if Tuesday night’s rescission motion submitted by myself and Councillors Shurey and Neilson is voted down?

Thank you.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson @murraymatson


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