Randwick Council elections 2017: Green candidates see exciting opportunities to shape Randwick Council’s alternative energy future and to reduce residents power bills – 18th August 2017

Green Council candidates want Randwick Council to encourage the households in its area to move towards significantly increasing local renewable use after the September 9th Local Government elections.

Councillor Matson says that the Greens will encourage the Council to use its networking reach and tendering processes to achieve both “power bill relief for its residents and the lowering of carbon emissions across its share of the eastern suburbs area.”

He said today:

“There are exciting opportunities ahead for the new Council administration after the September 9 elections. For example, we could encourage our local residents group themselves into Solar Buyers Clubs to make bulk purchases of domestic rooftop solar equipment through the Council. The Council could seek to partner with energy companies that already have established business plans for providing solar equipment.”

Councillor Matson says that the most exciting long-term opportunity ahead for Councils and the local community could be the creation of linked domestic roof top arrays capable of selling surplus power back into the grid.

He said:

“Local Councils should be lobbying the Federal Government to change the rules on how the National Electricity Market works to allow homeowners to form ‘micro grids’ (i.e. “Virtual Power Plants”) by linking their individual roof top arrays together. Such a change would be in line with the recent Finkel report  recommendations. Micro grids formed with the Randwick City Council area could sell surplus solar power back into the grid like the trial now underway in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.”

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