Put in a submission to name the Alison Road CSELR light rail stop “Centennial Park” and not “Randwick Race Course” – 6th September 2017

Urgent: Don’t name the Alison Road light rail stop after the Randwick Race Course.

Here is the full proposal for the 19 light rail stops of the CSELR in which it is suggested that the Alison Road stop should be: “Royal Randwick Light Rail Stop, located on Alison Road near the intersection with Darley Road”.

Put in a submission to call it  the “Centennial Park” stop instead.

Remember the loss of the Centennial Park trees as a result of the Government’s decision to switch the rail line to the north side of Alison Road against the opposition of Randwick Council and Green Councillors Lindsay Shurey and Murray Matson.

You have only days left to put in a submission. Don’t let the State Government get away with burying the memory of the removed Centennial Park trees. Advertise and support Centennial Park by promoting it via naming the light rail stop after the park it is now sited next to. A commercial enterprise such as the race course should not be promoted over Sydney’s best piece of open space. Tourists should be encouraged to spend money in the public’s park and not with race course bookies.



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