Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey wants Randwick City Council to resolve to support the YES vote at its October 10 meeting – 28th September 2017

New Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey wants Randwick City Council to come out in support of the ‘YES’ vote in the marriage equality survey.

Last Tuesday fellow Councillors voted to defer debate on her proposal to the Council’s 10th of October committee meetings. The Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey concludes on the 27th of October.

Mayor Shurey says that the local Greens want the Council to be seen as a positive supporter of marriage equality. She said today,

“I believe that Randwick Council should be seen to be taking a clear and public position of urging public support for the YES vote.”

Randwick Council will fly the rainbow flag and erect rainbow banners during the remainder of the postal ballot on marriage equality.

The Council has already agreed to her proposals to erect rainbow banners at five sites in the Council area including at the Town Hall.

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown and Greens NSW Sexuality and Gender Identity spokesperson said:

“It is so wonderful to see local councils stepping up to stand with the community in support of marriage equality. We shouldn’t be having this postal survey, but now that we find ourselves here we all must do all that we can to deliver a massive YES vote.”

“The offensive messages flying around by opponents of marriage equality mean that having councils like Randwick flying the rainbow flag and showing support for the LGBTIQ+ community in Sydney is so important. It sends a powerful message to people young and old who may be hurting that we stand with them.”


On the 10th October 2017 Randwick Councillors will debate the following unresolved proposals first put to them on the 26th of September by Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey.

Option 3 – Adopt a budget proposal as circulated by the Manager of Communications;

Option 4 – The immediate issuing of a public statement via print advertisements, the Mayoral Column, email systems, Council social media platforms, email systems, and web sites indicating that Randwick City Council supports a “yes” vote;

Option 5   Run “Mail Your Vote” stalls at key hubs in the community; and

Option 6   Use Council officers or consultants to form an Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey response team to help Randwick residents:

  1. Deal with emotional anxiety or harassment associated with the survey;

  2. Obtain replacement ballot papers for legitimately stolen or lost ballot paper; and

  3. Obtain background context on LGBTQIA issues;





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