Councillor Philipa Veitch (Greens) pushes for Council response to Minister’s offer of light rail (CSELR) respite for residents suffering construction noise – Dec. 4th 2017

West Ward Councillor Veitch has called for an uptake by Randwick Council of an offered Government light rail respite package for residents.

Randwick Green Councillosr say out of hours noise is impacting  unnecessarily heavy on residents living along the Anzac Parade section of the CBD to South East Light Rail works.

Councillor Philipa Veitch has successfully called on Randwick Council to proactively help residents in Kensington and Kingsford impacted on by out-of-hours light rail construction work on the CBD to South East Light Rail project.

The Council will now be chasing up details of a State Government letter promising to offer respite accommodation and the rescheduling of noisy high intensity construction to daytime or early evening. The letter was in response to lobbying efforts by Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey.

Recent election policies of Greens Councillors Philipa Veitch (far right) and Lindsay Shurey (far left)  included “Planning for Communities”. Both are now pushing for relief for their communities from construction noise generated by SELR light rail project.

Councillor Veitch says that the offer from the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure  should now be proactively pursued by the Council on behalf of residents. She said,

“I thank Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey for lobbying the Minister to consider offering respite accommodation to my noise affected constituents. Council needs to be continually pushing for relief for residents subjected to out of hours construction work. Now is the time for the Council to ensure that the Government offer is expansive enough to actually offer effective relief.”


Randwick Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch –
Randwick Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey –

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