Does eastern Sydney have a contaminated Defence Force site in the Randwick Council area? – Dec. 4th 2017

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson is afraid that eastern Sydney might have a contaminated Defence Force site on the same scale as other sites in Australia

This list clearly shows that different contaminates were both kept on and probably disposed of on Defence property along Bundock Street in Randwick Sydney from WWII onward.

Residents and Councillors have become alarmed over documentation revealing an extensive list of various types of contamination that were kept over the years at the Defence Force owned land between Bundock and Holmes streets Randwick in Eastern Sydney. Defence has build residential homes on the northern end of the site along Bundock. The department is now proposing to build further homes along the recently declared and as yet undeveloped Joongah Street on the southern side parallel to Holmes Street.

Councillor Matson has put a successful motion to last Tuesday night’s Council meeting seeking clarification of the full extent of contamination on Defence owned land between Holmes and Bundock Streets in Randwick. Council has been shown images of past earth moving works on the site which show striations in the exposed soil that are claimed to indicate layers of contaminates.

Various areas of the large Bundock Street site are understood to have been a disposal site for hazardous military origin waste. One example is the assertion that dangerous transformer chemicals were buried in pits after being transported there from the Navy facility at Garden Island.

Councillor Matson said that the Council had a duty of care to responsibly research claims by the public. He said,

“Residents have supplied to me enough documentation supporting their claims of contamination that I have to take the issue seriously. It should be remembered that once standard procedures for disposing of contamination in the 1970’s would not be legally allowed now.”


Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson –

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