A2MP Alexandria to Moore Park connectivity upgrade: Clarification needed of opposition leader Luke Foley position on the WestConnex’s St Peters interchange -15th Dec 2017

UPDATE: The No WestConnex group have contacted us and advised that as of today (15th December 2017) they have not received a definitive clarification of whether Labor opposition leader Luke Foley does or does not support the St Peters intersection component of the WestConnex motor way.

Comments welcomed. Green Councillor Murray Matson is puzzled by the wording of a recent Randwick Council motion from Labor Councillors and is hoping some reader of this site can provide clarification.

Last Tuesday night the Randwick Green Councillors voted in support of a Labor motion protesting the just announced expansions of Dacey Avenue, Anzac Parade and Alison Roads in Eastern Sydney known as the A2MP plan.

Road expansions are flagged for Alison Rd, Anzac Pde and Dacey Ave. Image from News Local.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson asks: “But now I am thinking that we Greens should have perhaps moved an amendment because the motion by Labor Councillor Tony Bowen made no mention of the WestConnex motorway as a casual  factor”.

That Council: …. 2. Agrees to collaborate with neighboring councils as well as State and Federal
representatives to work together in order to effect an immediate moratorium (of) …
…2.b.The Alexandria to Moore Park road widening – The Roads and Maritime Services’ (RMS) ‘preliminary concept design’ for the Alexandria to Moore Park Connectivity Upgrade includes the redesign of the Anzac Pde, Dacey Ave and Alison Road intersection.
(extract of clause 2 from Labor Councillor motion to Randwick City Council 12 Dec 2017)

This is curious because in a News Local article (of this week) Clover Moore does makes a connection between the proposed road expansions and cars from the Westconnex motorway. But the Labor motion (which was flagged in the same article) does not mention the word WestConnex. Why is this?

Read the motion here on page 95 of the Council business paper.

The absence of any reference by Labor Councillor Tony Bowen (motion mover) to the WestConnex seems odd. NoWestConnex reported a few months ago that they were aware that the recent Labor conference had made some sort of amendment to the policy but did not know what it actually was.

No WestConnex sought clarification from Luke Foley: “Do you still oppose the location of the St Peters interchange which is a major part of the New M5 Project?

The No WestConnex web site does not indicate that they have as yet got a reply. But maybe they just haven’t updated it? Can anyone else update us?


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