Australia Day: the 26th of January 1838 marked an act of genocide against NSW Aborigines by mounted police – 25th January 2018

On the eve of Australia Day 2018 a disturbing article has been posted recording an historical massacre of indigenous people initiated by orders issued by the then Acting Governor of NSW.

Major James Nunn is associated with a massacre of Aborigines at Waterloo Creek on the 26th of January 2018

According to a Guardian article  of today January 26 1838 was the very first public holiday ever marked in Australia.

But the article claims that on the same day there was a brutal killing of indigenous people in NSW by mounted Police in retaliation for the killing of 5 stockmen.

According to the Guardian it involved a surprise attack by the Police on a camp at Waterloo Creek and was followed by more killings in the days afterwards.

Wikipedia gives a different account and to some degree reverses the incident by attributing the surprise attack part as being made on the Police by a group of Aborigines. The Wikipedia article lists four Australian historians with differing accounts of what happened. Three of them seem to be in agreement a significant number of Aborigines were killed.


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