Randwick Council drops unpopular proposal to build a Mahon Pool café after community rejection – 14th February 2018

At last night’s Administration and Finance Committee meeting Greens Councillor Murray Matson successfully moved that Randwick Council drop a tentative proposal to build a café into the ageing Mahon Pool amenities block.

The adopted amendment was seconded by Central Ward Labor Councillor Dylan Parker and read as follows.’

Randwick City Council staff have struggled to refurbish the ageing Mahon Pool amenities block for sometime as sporadic attempts have been made by Councillors to include a cafe in the redesign against opposition from residents. But it now seems certain that the Councillors have settled on a non-cafe upgrade after a successful amendment by Greens Councillor Murray Matson.

“Council resolves not to include a café component in the design for the refurbishment of the Mahon Pool amenities block.”

Councillor Matson stated that it had been a mistake for the Council to float the idea of adding a revenue raising component to existing plans to upgrade the ageing Mahon Pool amenities block. He said,

“By last night it was very clear that the community did not welcome the idea of a café at Mahon Pool and wanted Council to revert back to a 2015 consensus that only the existing amenities block itself was to be upgraded. This upgrade will be one of the projects funded by the Council’s decision to take out a loan for needed works.”

Councillor Matson said that refurbishing the Mahon Pool toilet block had been talked about since he was elected to Council in 1995 and “was an overdue infrastructure project that was becoming embarrassing.”


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