Decades old non-politically aligned Friends of Malabar Headland (FOMH) still keep on putting in the volunteer hours protecting Sydney’s Malabar Headland for the future – 18th February 2018

Yesterday my Greens colleague Mayor Lindsay Shurey had the honor of being the incumbent Council leader when it came time for Randwick Council to share the opening of the Malabar Headland Western Escarpment Walking track with Claire Bettington of the veteran local environment group the Friends of Malabar Headland.

This was a bipartisan success day for all Randwick Councillors who have worked with FOMH be they independent, Liberal, Labor or Green.

Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey has opened the new Western Escarpment section (in red) that  now connects up two existing sections of the evolving Coastal Walkway across the Malabar Headland in the Randwick Council area of eastern Sydney. The brown section is yet to be built.

I don’t know where we would now be in protecting Malabar Headland if FOMH had not been working on the various issues involved as they have for so long.

The new walking track fills in another of the gaps in the slowly evolving coastal walk way through the eastern suburb councils of Sydney.


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