Extension to Heritage Conservation Area impeded! Have the Liberal Councillors of Randwick declared war on the heritage conservation movement in Coogee? 27-4-2018

UPDATE 19th May 2018

Independent Councillor Anthony Andrews, Liberal Councillor Harry Stavrinos and Liberal Councillor Ted Seng have declined to withdraw their signatures from the rescission motion that they lodged against the Council decision on the extension to the Dudley Street Heritage Area.

This means that the rescission motion will be debated at this Tuesday night’s Randwick Council meeting starting at 6pm.

One development has been that independent Councillor NoelD’Souza has now informed the Greens  that he will be switching to voting with fellow independent Cr Andrews and the Liberals against heritage protection. I  find this lack of appreciation of heritage issues to be a disappointing attitude for a former Mayor of Randwick City Council to hold.  Particularly as I personally voted for him to be Mayor twice. Non-the-less I am confident that a majority of Randwick’s Labor and Green Councillors are committed to protecting the architectural heritage of Coogee and will vote down the rescission motion.

The next step will be to lobby Liberal MP Bruce Notley-Smith (coogee@parliament.nsw.gov.au) to approach the Planning Minister to urge that Randwick Council is given approval to put the proposal on public exhibition so that everyone can have their say.

The text of the independent/Liberal  rescission motion can be read at: http://businesspapers.randwick.nsw.gov.au/Open/2018/05/OC_22052018_AGN_AT.PDF#page=252

UPDATED 10th May 2018

Liberal Councillors after unsuccessfully voting against Randwick Council extending a Heritage Conservation Area along Dudley Street in Coogee have now submitted a rescission motion which will force a re-vote.

Local residents once hoped that 48 Dudley Street Coogee could be preserved. But it is now just a hole in the ground leaving the 1970’s flats to the east visually prominent. Green Councillors are fighting to protect other historically valuable homes in the street.

The Council has been planning to preserve the area since February last year when Greens Councillor Murray Matson learnt that the old home at 48 Dudley Street was going to be demolished.

The proposed new heritage conservation area is too late to save 48 Dudley, which has now been demolished. But Councillor Matson says that other homes at 38, 42 and 44 Dudley Street and 122 Mount Street“can and should be protected”.

Councillor Matson says that the Liberal’s rescission motion will only put more heritage value buildings at risk of demolition. He said

The Greens want to preserve more heritage valuable homes in Coogee. Source Randwick City Council Ordinary Business Paper 24th April 2018

“The Liberals are not displaying a serious commitment to actually preserving older Coogee buildings for future generations.”

“I was taken back when East Ward Liberal Councillor Brendan Roberts spoke against voting to ask the Planning Minister for permission to put the proposed extension to the Dudley Street Heritage Conservation Area on public exhibition.”

“The Dudley Street Conservation Area is defined by notable and contributory examples of residential development from the initial Federation subdivisions through to the later Inter-War years. The area of this assessment, extending from the southwestern corner of Dudley and Mount Streets through to Thomas Street Coogee, has considered the evolution of residences
on the south side of this length of street frontage. Whilst of varied scale, the residences have been found to demonstrate close association in style, form, history and detail with those defining the Dudley Street Conservation Area to the North.”  (Page 29, Dudley Street Conservation Area extension  Assessment June 2017)

Randwick City Council – Director City Planning Report No. CP7/18 Subject: Dudley Street Heritage Conservation Boundary Extension and inclusion of Local Heritage Items


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