Repower Coogee supporters hold the blue line where a 7 metre sea level rise will be at Coogee Beach by the end of the centruary – 19th May 2018

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson joined today’s event at Coogee Beach staged by Repower Coogee’s public push to make rising sea levels a NSW state election issue.

Repower Coogee supporters are campaigning to draw attention to where new sea levels will be eating up Australian beaches. Coogee beach 19th May 2018

“Bleached coral, heatwaves, bushfires, and floods. Our climate is changing and causing a raft of environmental disasters. It’s time to draw a line in the sand. Join us on the 19th of May as we do exactly that, drawing a line along Coogee beach, demonstrating where the shoreline will reach if we do nothing to stop climate change.”

Can Repower Coogee build a campaign ahead of the NSW State election that will be strong enough to focus voters on how climate change is forcing up sea levels at Australia’s popular beaches? Coogee Beach 2018

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