Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey says protect Yarra Bay Beach with a NO to a cruise ship terminal at Port Botany – 29th August 2018


Greens candidate for Maroubra James Cruz predicts that there will be a development push in the Laperous area to make up for the current deficiency in infrastructure to service the proposed cruise ship terminal at Port Botany..

The Greens candidate for Marouraba James Cruz say that insufficient infrastructure exists in the Port Botany area to justify a cruise ship terminal and that this deficiency will lead to a development push.

He said:

“It’s obvious that we should oppose it. We should focus on how this going ahead would change the whole area forever – it doesn’t make sense at the moment because why would people want to arrive there? The city is ages away, there’s no infrastructure there to accommodate them and there’s no transport to shuttle them into the inner city. That means this proposal would lead to a full redevelopment of the whole area to make it like circular quay or darling harbour just to make it viable. It’s definitely about more than just the terminal.”

UPDATE Here is a petition organised by the Save The Bay Coalition.

DISCLAIMER: The document below is a Randwick City Council media release

Cruise on by: Randwick Council opposes plans for a cruise ship terminal in Port Botany

Source: Map generated by Randwick City Council showing a visual representation of the NSW Government’s Cruise Development Plan. This image has been produced to assist in discussion and understanding of the Government’s proposal and the potential impacts on the area.

Randwick Council last night opposed state government plans to investigate Yarra Bay and Molineaux Point as possible locations for a third cruise ship terminal in Sydney, Randwick Mayor Lindsay Shurey announced today.

“Our community has made it clear to us that they do not want this terminal built in Port Botany,” said Mayor Shurey. “It’s vital that we protect the beaches, green spaces and open areas at Yarra Bay so that they remain available to our community.

“The introduction of a cruise ship terminal places these assets at serious risk of degradation and would introduce further issues of traffic congestion, environmental destruction and land-use pressures. We need to stand firm to protect this area and its significant local heritage.”

Council is calling for the State Government to release all documents related to the proposal in order to ensure the community is fully informed. Currently, the only information to be released about the suitability of the two sites is two paragraphs in a 28-page document called Cruise Development Plan.

“The State Government needs to be more open with their plans and what they may entail. Currently it’s not clear where the wharves would be built, the infrastructure required or how transport and logistics would connect. This is information that needs to be known and debated in the public sphere.

“We encourage the NSW Government to keep the community informed, to fully engage with them throughout the process and listen to their concerns.”

Council will take steps to place both Yarra Bay and Molineux Point on the state’s heritage list in a bid to halt developments in those areas.

“We will be engaging with the State Government to encourage them to seek alternative locations for a terminal as we firmly believe that neither Yarra Bay nor Molineaux Point are appropriate or fit for purpose.”

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