Randwick Green Councillor Murray Matson pushes for more heritage protection for older dwellings in Dudley and Brook Street, Coogee – 8th of September 2018

Randwick City Council to review the heritage value of further older dwellings in Dudley and Brook Street, Coogee.

39 Dudley Street is one of a strip of older Coogee dwellings that Randwick City Council is currently reviewing the heritage values of.

Adjacent Coogee dwellings in Dudley Street and a strip along Brook Street are to be assessed by Randwick Council for their potential worth for listing as heritage items.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson has commended residents who lobbied Greens Councillor Murray Matson to put up the motion. He said,

“The mounting development pressure in Coogee has spurred residents to call for added attention on older dwellings of value before too many are lost to the bulldozers.”

The new Randwick Council heritage review includes 37 to 41 Dudley Street and a strip from 144 to 150 Brook that forms a contiguous link between two current heritage listings at 142 and 152 Brook Street Coogee.

Recent Council debates has seen the emergence of both a “pro-heritage” and an “anti-heritage” blocks amongst Councillors.  And last Tuesday’s vote once again saw Councillor Matson pitted against fellow East Ward Councillor Brendan Roberts (Liberal) and Central Ward independent Councillor Anthony Andrews. Councillor Matson said today:

“Coogee’s heritage battles are exposing clear divisions in view point amongst Randwick Councillors. There is a distinct group that tends to elevate development issues over that of heritage concerns. It includes independent Councillor Anthony Andrews and Liberal Councillors Brendan Roberts and Harry Stavrinos.”

Liberal Councillors Roberts and Stavrinos attempted to move that the proposed review be deferred to a broader review of Randwick’s main planning instrument sometime in the future.

But this amendment was rejected as too much of an unnecessary delay by Green and Labor Councillors and independent Councillor Carlos Da Rocha. Councillor Matson commented afterwards:

“I couldn’t support the deferral amendment. The recent loss of the fine old home at 48 Dudley Street earlier this year showed us all that to delay is to lose heritage dwellings in Coogee.”

After the amendment failed Liberal Councillor Christie Hamilton and independent Councillor D’Souza moved to align with the majority in voting through Councillor Matson’s motion.


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