Coogee Election 2019: Greens candidate Lindsay Shurey continues her vocal support for ongoing ‘ratios’ campaign by NSW Nurses & Midwifes Association – 3rd Nov. 2018

Randwick Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey joined local POW nursing staff in High Cross Park this afternoon as they continue their campaign to bring in better staff to patient ratios across NSW.

She said at the rally in High Cross Park today,

Better staff to patient ratios are important and need to be implemented in NSW

In her recent former role as Mayor she successfully moved that Randwick City Council would write to the NSW Minister to “…support the introduction of shift-by-shift nurse-to-patient ratios and a general review of the current Nursing Hours per Patient Day (NHPPD) Ratios.”

At the time she wrote:

The Prince of Wales branch of the NSWMA has presented a strong argument that improved nurses to-patient ratios can be expected to result in both better patient outcomes and reduced medical costs.

The NSW Nurses and Midwifes Association (NSWNMA) has been campaigning for expanded and improved nurse to patient ratios since 2011. Their objective is to shift the current Government ratios and how they are calculated to wards.

On a windy day Randwick Greens Councillor and Coogee candidate Lindsay Shurey (2nd from left) turned up outside Prince of Wales Hospital to show her continued support for the introduction of staffing ratios for NSW Nurses and Midwifes

The association has invested in detailed research to support their campaign objectives to combat the adverse effects of high patient to staff ratios in our hospitals.

The association argues that better ratios are financially beneficial by reducing length of patient stay and improving medical outcomes.

A 2010 study of mortality rates in WA reported that lower patient to staff ratios significantly decreased mortality rates and overall length of stay per patient (source: The Australian Health Review).


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