NSW State election 2019 – Greens announce Kym Chappel as Heffron candidate – lawyer, activist and mum looking to shake up business as usual – 21st January 2019

Randwick Botany Greens are proud to announce their candidate for the seat of Heffron, Kym Chapple.

NSW Green Senator Mehreen Faruqi (left), Greens NSW state upper house candidate Abigail Boyd (3rd left), Randwick Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey (4th left), Randwick Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch (5th left) and Greens Newtown MP Jenny Leong (right) attended the preselection of Kym Chapple (2nd left) as their party’s candidate for the state seat of Heffron.
Kym Chapple – Greens 2019 candidate for the NSW state seat of Heffron

A spokesperson for the local greens said,

“We look forward to working with Kym to build on other Green successes in this area, including the election of Philipa Veitch to the West Ward of Randwick Council and many community wins on campaigns.”

Ms Chapple said:

“Heffron is diverse and growing rapidly, it’s a vibrant and
dynamic place to live, work and play but infrastructure isn’t keeping up with local need with schools, transport and community space under pressure.

“The buses and trains in our area are overcrowded and we
desperately need upgrades now, not years down the track.  But the priority of the Berejiklian government has been privatising transport with projects like Westconnex and knocking down stadiums rather than public transport.

“With half the residents of Heffron renting their homes we’ll be working closely with the community to improve renters’ rights and the right to secure, affordable housing that is not being delivered by the current system,” Ms Chapple said.

Background on Kym Chapple

Kym is a lawyer, activist and policy professional with extensive experience in campaigning for our communities and for the planet.

As the mother of two young children Kym is concerned about the shortage of parkland and open space for children to play in safely, as well as access to quality public education in the area.

Kym will be campaigning on the link between public green spaces and clean air with broader environmental issues and campaigns.

The Greens are planning a grassroots mobilisation in the electorate of Heffron, which contains voting booths recording some of the strongest Greens votes in the country, and borders the State seat of Heffron, held by Greens MP Jenny Leong.

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