Greens Councillors to make second attempt to join Randwick with Waverley Council in Allianz Stadium legal challenge – 31st January 2019

Randwick Greens councillors Philipa Veitch and Lindsay Shurey have lodged a rescission motion following the defeat of their amendment to take legal action to stop the demolition and re-development of the Sydney Football Stadium. If the rescission motion is carried they will move a motion to join Waverley in their legal challenge.

Randwick City Council met at a confidential extraordinary council meeting on Tuesday night to consider a council report on the Sydney Football Stadium, following advice released to City of Sydney, Woollhara, Waverley and Randwick councils by the Labor party in December regarding the validity of the consent (as reported in the SMH 28/12/18).

Randwick Greens Councillors Lindsay Shurey and Philipa Veitch have lodged a rescission motion in an attempt to join Randwick with Waverley Council’s proposed legal challenge to the Sydney Football Stadium consent.

While the Greens moved an amendment to join the legal action to halt demolition of the stadium, the successful Labor motion called for a low-cost media campaign, and to “make public that part of Randwick Council’s legal advice indicating the consent of the redevelopment of the SFS is invalid in so far as it did not satisfy the EP&A Act as it failed to address the design excellence of the proposed concept…”

Greens councillor Philipa Veitch state today.

“Randwick City Council will now be publishing legal advice that states that there was a good case for a successful legal action to be pursued, yet Labor, Liberal and Independent councillors voted not to take it.

“If the advice sent by Labor to four separate councils was just a political stunt, it has given false hope to a huge number of residents who had the genuine belief that the demolition of the stadium may well be stopped.

“If the advice was genuine, Randwick councilllors have denied the people of NSW a chance to stop one of the most flagrant abuses of the public purse in recent memory. A $720 Million stadium, paid for by the sell-off of the Land Titles Office”.

“Greens on Randwick Council have been vocal opponents of the stadium re-development from the outset, and my motion on the SFS last October raised many serious concerns about the stadium. Residents in Kensington and other parts of the Randwick will be massively affected by this development. We have also worked hard to gain Randwick Council a position on the SFS Community Consultative Committee. The people of NSW have been denied a significant opportunity to stop the stadium once and for all.”

To offset legal costs incurred by council, the Greens moved an amendment to call on NSW Leader of the Opposition Michael Daley to reimburse council for costs if he is elected as Premier at the March 23 State election.

With demolition on stadium due to start, Greens councillors have lodged a rescission motion and will argue the case to give support to a legal challenge.

Draft Minutes – Randwick City Council extraordinary meeting Tuesday – 29-1-2019

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