NSW Elections: Labor and Greens preference deal in Maroubra to Save Yarra Bay

LABOR and the Greens have done a 2-for-2 preference deal in the seat of Maroubra in a united effort to ensure the Yarra Bay cruise ship proposal is killed off.

Greens candidate for Maroubra James Cruz says that the saving of Yarra Bay from a cruise ship terminal is a key issue for the local Greens in the NSW state election.

The two parties have both committed to stopping the proposal made by the NSW government which has ignited a groundswell of community opposition with the Save the Bay Coalition group organising public forums and protests outside NSW Parliament against the government’s plan.

Maroubra Labor candidate Michael Daley has previously said in the media that if elected Premier on March 23 that he will “kill this thing stone dead” when referring to the proposed terminal.

Greens candidate for Maroubra, James Cruz, said he expected Mr Daley to invest in and renovate public housing in the area as part of the agreement, stating that his priority was to see those in the housing system given long overdue improvements.

“The backlog in public housing repairs has blown out under the Liberal government, I want to see that addressed. I’ve seen 30-year-old cabinets actually rotting off their hinges, bathrooms that are literally crumbling around their tenants. This must be fixed.” Mr Cruz said.

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