Heritage protection in Randwick City Council allows for reasonable flexibility – 27th June 2021

The proposed Edgecumbe Estate Heritage Conservation Area

The new Edgecumbe Estate Heritage Conservation Area is one new heritage proposal by Randwick City Council.

Heritage Item listing does not mean that home owners can’t maintain or renovate their properties!

People often erroneously believe that you can’t maintain or renovate a Heritage Item such as adding extra bedrooms. But you actually can do both as long as you don’t compromise the heritage aspects of the site.

“Randwick City Council recognises that owners need to adapt properties to meet current lifestyles and living standards, such as renovating bathrooms and kitchens, adding additional bedrooms and providing open planned living areas which relate to garden spaces. The Council considers many heritage development applications (DAs) each year.” (Randwick City Council web site, Looking After Your Heritage Home)

Further, Randwick City Council can actually offer incentives to a heritage item owner by relaxing normal building restrictions that would apply to that particular site.

“1.14 Conservation Incentives. Council recognises the need to be flexible with heritage items in terms of providing for their long term conservation. RLEP Clause 5.10(10) Conservation Incentives enables Council to approve development relating to a heritage item or the site of a heritage item or Aboriginal Place of heritage significance, which would otherwise be prohibited in the zone.”

More precise details of what is open to the owner of a heritage property can be found in the Council’s Development Control Plan (DCP).


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