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Philipa Veitch – Greens Council motion: Declare a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency at the NSW state level – 30th August 2019

Randwick Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch will be pushing for this year’s Local Government NSW Conference to start calling on the State Government to declare a climate emergency. Below is the full resolution to Councillor Veitch’s “Climate Change and Planning in NSW” motion that she put to the Randwick Council meeting of the 27th August 2019: …

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Anti Adani protestors call for councils to divest at National General Assembly of Councils – 19th June 2018


Recognizing long wall coal mining threat to Sydney Water Catchment Area is a step too far for Randwick City Council – 28th November 2013

Randwick Councillors have declined to support a Greens call for the banning of long wall coal mining in the water catchment areas of Sydney. The disappointed mover of the motion, Councillor Murray Matson, blamed the low profile of ‘long wall coal mining’ risks when compared to the high public knowledge about the alternative practice of …

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Protect Randwick’s Drinking Water by stopping Coal Seam Gas (CSG) activity in the Sydney Drinking Water Catchment Area – Nov 18th 2013

Greens Councillor Murray Matson is putting a motion to next week’s Randwick Council meeting drawing attention to the threat posed to resident’s drinking water by coal seam gas mining and exploration in the Sydney catchments. He has also praised the creation of a new umbrella group of anti CSG groups in Sydney. He said, “Politicians …

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