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Lindsay Shurey – Greens Council motion: Working towards a plastic bag free Randwick City Council LGA – 3rd September 2019

Randwick Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey is positioning her NSW council to become plastic-bag free. Below is the full resolution to Councillor Shurey’s “Working towards a plastic bag free Randwick LGA”  motion that she successfully put to the Randwick Council meeting of the 27th August 2019. That:  Consistent with Council’s commitment to reduce single use plastics …

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Single-use-plastics: Albatross documentary is a poetic and beautifully filming of the horrible fate looming over the world’s most loved sea bird – 23rd July 2018

The Randwick-Botany Greens thank NSW Greens MP Justin Field and Greens Federal Senator Peter Whish-Wilson for jointly hosting the  special Plastic Free July screening of the Albatross documentary at the Randwick Ritz Cinema on 4 July 2018. This stylistic and poetically shot film gently shows the disaster slowly descending on the breeding cycle of the …

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Randwick Council Green Mayor Lindsay Shurey bans single use plastics – 27th June 2018

DISCLAIMER – the following is a Randwick City Council Media Release Single use plastics such as plastic bags, drink bottles and drinking straws will be banned from all Randwick City Council operations and events commencing 1 July 2018, Randwick Mayor Lindsay Shurey announced today. The decision from the Council Meeting of 26 June 2018 is …

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