Tasmanian Tree activist Miranda Gibson protests for 2 months in a tree platform - calls for Ta Ann to move out of high conservation value forests.

February 14, 2012

Greens Senator Bob Brown has asked for support for this Tasmanian forest activist.

Senator Bob Brown says: "So spare a thought for the incredible efforts of Miranda Gibson, perched 60 metres up on a small platform in a Eucalyptus Regnans beneath Mt Mueller in central Tasmania."

"She has been on the platform for almost two months and intends to stay until the tree is cut down or governments keep their word that the tree, its wildlife and the mountainside forest in which it sits are protected."

"She would welcome your donation to help keep her fed and safe up there!"

"You can follow Miranda on her blog and see her on Skype at www.observertree.org. As the vagaries of the weather buffet her up in the canopy, I've just sent her a new tarp."