Media Release

Maroubra By-election: Disillusioned Voters desert Labor for The Greens as Access Ramps Issue bites


The Greens have had their best ever result in last Saturday’s Maroubra by-election.

Disillusioned Liberal and Labor voters have either not gone to the booths on Saturday or have switched to voting Green once they did get there. It is also clear that the Access Ramps issue has hurt Labor.

Early counting suggests that some 8,000 to 9,000 voters who turned out for the last election did not do so this time.

Despite this, Greens candidate Anne Gardiner picked up an extra 3,208 votes for her party to reach 19.5% of the primary votes – more than doubling the Greens 2003 performance.

The reverse happened for Michael Daley who suffered a primary swing against him of about 6.8% (on early counting) as some 3,545 voters either deserted Labor or stayed home.

The Greens highest results were in booths likely to be adversely affected by the RTA’s contentious Southern Cross Drive Access Ramps. These being:

Kensington South 22.4%

Randwick Girls High 26.4%

Kensington Park 28.2%

Kingsford Heights 30.6%