Greens motion sees Randwick City Council supporting marriage equality legislation for Australia.

28th February 2013

The Council's new position will be a boost for an intended bill by Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young to bring about marriage equality in Australia as a response to recent UK legislation.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson said after last Tuesday night's Council meeting,

"I felt an urgent need to respond to what I saw as break through piece of legislation by the conservative UK government of early this year. I then learnt that my party colleague Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young was planning to reintroduce her marriage equality bill in the Australian senate as her own response. I counted the numbers in my head and realized that with the UK legislation I now had a reasonable chance of getting a motion of support through a progressive minded Council like Randwick. The time for action on marriage equality in Australia is now with us."

Councillor Matson expressed his gratitude to those Councillors who voted for his motion by saying,

"It was very gratifying to me that the Randwick Greens motion was passed with the unanimous cross party support of those Councillors who chose to stay present in the chamber."

The final vote was preceded by debate on an attempted amendment that if successful would have nullified the positive statement of support for marriage equality. This amendment by a liberal Councillor was defeated with the support of my fellow Greens councillor, the Labor block and a former Liberal mayor.

Councillor Matson expressed disappointment that a number of Councillors absented themselves rather than vote on the actual motion of support. He said,

"I was disappointed that Liberals Keil Smith and Harry Stavrinos and independent Anthony Andrews left the chamber after the defeat of the amendment. This was counteracted by the buoyancy of seeing the remaining Councillors, Labor, Liberal and Greens unite to vote for the final resolution of support for marriage equality."

The final adopted resolution reads:

"That Council responds to both the passing of marriage equality legislation in the UK and the intended re-introduction of similar legislation in the Australian Senate by writing to all Senators and federal parliamentary party leaders urging support for the legislation on behalf of our residents."