Media Release

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Defence Moves Ground On Randwick Environment Park - Outcome Of Canberra Meeting to Resolve Stalemate


Randwick City Council has been trying to resolve a deadlock with the Department of Defence over whether Council will accept dedication of the Randwick Environment Park.

The Park has come into being as a result of the redevelopment of surplus Defence Force land at Bundock Street in Randwick, Sydney.

Defence has been resisting paying the Council a promised $1.8 million dollars to maintain the park for 20 years. Council has been refusing to accept dedication of the Park until the money is handed over. While the ownership of the park hangs in limbo residents are becoming increasingly concerned over the delay in the removal of a temporary fence around the Park.

On Wednesday Randwick City Greens Mayor Murray Matson travelled to Canberra to meet with Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Senator Feeney.

He Stated after the meeting,

"I and senior Council staff (including the GM) met with the Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, a representative of Peter Garrett, and an army brigadier last Wednesday. Latter we met with Mr Garrett himself.

Defence has recognized that Council can not legally issue a retrospective construction certificate and has dropped this demand.

Defence promised to ring Council the next day with a date for when the maintenance money for the Park can be given to Council.

Council will send a letter to Defence within a week committing to accepting dedication of Joongah street as we have always been prepared to do once we had Defence's engineering documents which we recieved last Friday."

BREAKING NEWS: Later on Friday Cr Matson stated that Defence had notified the Council's General Manager that day that the $1.8 million dollars in maintenance money would be transferred into the Council's account and the fence would come down next Wednesday.

Contact: Randwick City Greens Councillor Murray Matson