Adult Bookshops Maybe Allowed Near Three Local Randwick Schools Under Government Pushed Inglis Stables Newmarket site Rezoning Proposal

30th March 2013

The eastern suburbs Joint Regional Planning Panel is set to assess a proposal that registered clubs and restricted premises should be allowed near three schools in Randwick.

One Panel member, Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson, has already indicated that he will not support it.

The idea is part of the contentious Inglis planing and rezoning proposal that has already been refused by Randwick Council but then referred to the panel by the Planning Minister.

It is suggested that a length of Barker Street be rezoned from residential to a business zone called 'B4 Mixed Use' near Randwick Girls High, Randwick Boys High and the Rainbow Street Public School.

The documents going before the JRPP state that registered clubs and restricted premises are allowed in B4 zones along with other commercial uses.(source: page 42, "Planning Proposal" document, Planning Proposal for Inglis Stables Newmarket site.)

Councillor Matson said today,

"Clubs and restricted premises are not appropriate when sited so close to three local schools. I will be opposing the idea when the Inglis proposal comes before the JRPP and will push for removing clubs and restricted premises from the permitted uses."

The Inglis planning proposal documents recently went up on the Panel's web site. They are also on display at the Bowen Library and at Randwick City Council.

Councillor Matson opposed rezoning the Inglis site when it came before Council. He is now skeptical of the present proposal before the JRPP which allows for 30 metre high buildings on parts of the site.

He said,

"There are currently no residential buildings on that site, just former stable facilities. It is essentially a greenfield site in an already urbanized area of the eastern suburbs. The issues of traffic generation and overcrowding are pertinent. It should be kept in mind that the present zoning on the site already allows for 9.5 metre heights."

BACKGROUND: "Restricted premises" (as opposed to "premises") are not specifically defined under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The "Sex services premises Planning guidelines | December 2004" prepared by the Sex Services Premises Planning Advisory Panel advised the Department of Planning (then DIPNR) as follows. "2.3.11 Restricted premises (Adult bookshops) Restricted premises such as adult bookshops sell restricted print and other sexually explicit material. In legal terms, they are premises where publications classified Category 1 restricted, Category 2 restricted or RC under the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995 of the Commonwealth are shown, exhibited, displayed, sold or otherwise made available to the public. A restricted premises does not include a newsagency or pharmacy, nor any premises where prostitution or sexual intercourse occurs."