Randwick Council wins court battle with Defence over "Bermuda Triangle" site at Argyle Crescent.

9th July 2012

Greens Councillor Murray Matson's fight to add the disputed Argyle crescent site into the boundaries of the Randwick Environment Park is looking up.

News was received Monday morning that Randwick Council has won a Land & Environment Court decision against the Commonwealth department of Defence's proposal to build eight semi detached dwellings on the site.

Last year Councillor Matson successfully moved that Council refuse the proposal.

Previously, While Mayor in 2011, Matson tried unsuccessfully to have the site rezoned from "special uses" to "environmental protection".

In recent months he was successful in gaining a Council resolution that it would lobby Federal MP Peter Garrett to get the Commonwealth to change it's mind and allow the site to be included in the Park.

The Argyle Crescent site is roughly triangular in shape leading local residents to refer to it as the Bermuda Triangle because it mysteriously vanished from early proposed boundaries of the adjacent Environment Park.

He said this today,

"The Court win allows Council, the Commonwealth and the community to reconsider this once in a life time opportunity to expand the boundaries of the Randwick Environment Park. This chance won't come again."