NSW State Election 2019 – Greens candidate James Cruz for Maroubra on March 23 2019

James Cruz Greens candidate for Maroubra

Why I am standing for Maroubra. My mother and I moved to Maroubra when I was 4, so I grew up there and been living or working in the area for about 25 years.
What I like about living in the Maroubra area. The beach is the obvious draw card for most people, it’s not as overly developed as Bondi or Coogee and we all want to keep it that way. But the culture is very distinct and most Maroubra locals know that especially in South Maroubra there’s a particular culture that we all want to protect as well.
The issues that are important to me as a Maroubra resident. I think development is a huge one for Maroubra locals. We see what’s happening in other areas and other beach suburbs and really feel anxious about that. Saving the Malabar headland from being sold off has been a big one, and working to make sure transport becomes better as the area grows.
My professional / educational background. I’m a Librarian and have worked in libraries for 8 years. I went to school fairly locally, first at South Coogee primary and then Marcellin high school. Then I was a TAFE student – something that’s very important to me – and now at university between working full time (Information Studies is what Library studies is now called)
What I bring to the role as a candidate for the Greens. I think what I bring is a real lived connection to young and marginalised part of Maroubra. Having grown up in public housing we’re the people who have been forgotten for so many years. The housing is falling apart, repairs are a decade behind schedule. and this is really reflected in how the area has been perceived for a long time. I think this is what the Greens can and do represent, marginalised communities – people of colour – lived experience with being at the whims of government controlled by moneyed interests.
Why did I join the Greens. I joined originally because of Lee Rhiannon and Irene Doutney, Irene because she came from a very disadvantaged and similar circumstance to me – she was a champion for public housing residents because she was one and she knew firsthand the problems that imposed poverty has on people. Lee for her principle and commitment to working with people to build movements that make change.