Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson applauds Court’s upholding of protection for old Coogee home at 39 Dudley Street – 27th August 2019

The  NSW Land & Environment Court has dismissed an appeal against the imposing of an interim heritage protection order on number 39 Dudley Street, Coogee by Randwick City Council.

The older style home at 39 Dudley Street Coogee is part of the proposed Dudley Street Heritage Conservation Area.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson who has been leading the fight on Council against the demolition of the old home on the site stated today that:

“The news will come as a great morale boost for residents who have been proactive in calling on Councillors to stop the destruction of Coogee’s old homes.”

Councillor Matson praised local residents:

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Randwick City Council Declares Climate Emergency – 30th April 2019

In April 2019 Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch successful moved that Randwick would become one of the world’s local Councils that recognises that there is a climate emergency.

Randwick Council’s residents are accustomed to view iconic Wedding Cake island of Coogee Beach. But will the Climate Emergency mean its eventual submergence as a tourist attraction?

Australia’s poor response to adverse climate change can be compared to other countries via the Climate Action Tracker site.

The following content is sourced from the background material to Councillor Veitch’s motion.

In the absence of policies global warming is expected, to reach 4.1 °C – 4.8 °C above pre-industrial by the end of the century.

The emissions that drive this warming are often called Baseline scenarios and are taken from the IPCC AR5 Working Group III. Current policies presently in place around the world are projected to reduce baseline emissions and result in about 3.3°C 1 warming above pre-industrial levels. Continue reading

Scott Ludlum talks with Julian Morrow this Monday 1st May 2019 8pm at Giant Dwarf Theatre

On 1 May 8pm @ Giant Dwarf in Sydney, former Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam will be in conversation with long-term anti-nuclear campaigner Julian Morrow at Photo Opp.

Photo Opp is a thought-provoking and entertaining look at the role of image and perception in public life, using 20 photos of a public personality as the trigger for conversation.


Kingsford Smith candidate – James Cruz for the Greens – 15th April 2019

James Cruz for Kingsford Smith

The Greens candidate for the seat of Kingsford Smith in the 2019 Federal Election is James Cruz.

Learn more about James’ campaign.

NSW Elections: Labor and Greens preference deal in Maroubra to Save Yarra Bay

LABOR and the Greens have done a 2-for-2 preference deal in the seat of Maroubra in a united effort to ensure the Yarra Bay cruise ship proposal is killed off.

Greens candidate for Maroubra James Cruz says that the saving of Yarra Bay from a cruise ship terminal is a key issue for the local Greens in the NSW state election.

The two parties have both committed to stopping the proposal made by the NSW government which has ignited a groundswell of community opposition with the Save the Bay Coalition group organising public forums and protests outside NSW Parliament against the government’s plan.

Maroubra Labor candidate Michael Daley has previously said in the media that if elected Premier on March 23 that he will “kill this thing stone dead” when referring to the proposed terminal.

Greens candidate for Maroubra, James Cruz, said he expected Mr Daley to invest in and renovate public housing in the area as part of the agreement, stating that his priority was to see those in the housing system given long overdue improvements.

“The backlog in public housing repairs has blown out under the Liberal government, I want to see that addressed. I’ve seen 30-year-old cabinets actually rotting off their hinges, bathrooms that are literally crumbling around their tenants. This must be fixed.” Mr Cruz said.

Coal Seam Gas: Pilliga Rising will screen at the Bronte SLSC on Tuesday, 12 March 2019 at 6.30pm

DISCLAIMER – This is not organised by the local Randwick-Botany Greens. This alert is posted in support of Lock The Gate Alliance because it is an event in our local area.

Dear Murray,

We’re so pleased to invite you to a screening of a beautiful new film about the campaign to protect communities, water and the Pilliga forest from coal seam gas (CSG) in NW NSW.

Pilliga Rising will screen at the Bronte SLSC on Tuesday, 12 March at 6.30pm. Tickets are free or ‘pay what you can’. Don’t miss out on seeing this amazing film.

“Pilliga Rising reminds me that the power of community and everyday people coming together to protect each other and their most treasured resources can move mountains and change the world for the better.” – Musician, John Butler

“mesmerising, heartbreaking, exhilarating” Elizabeth Farrelly, Sydney Morning Herald

WHERE: Bronte Surf Life Saving Club
WHEN: Tuesday March 12, 2019 at 6:30pm – 8:30pm
TICKETS: Are free (or by donation). RSVP here to reserve your seat.

This event will feature Coonamble farmer, Adam Macrae, who appears in the film and whose property is on the route of the gas pipeline proposed to take gas from the Pilliga forest.

Drilling through groundwater sources like the Great Artesian Basin means communities like Adam’s are at risk of losing access to their only sources of water as they suffer through drought.

Invite your friends and family and let’s pack out this screening to show that Sydney people care about stopping this environmental disaster in rural NSW.

Randwick Greens councillors support legal action to stop the Sydney Football Stadium (SFS) demolition – 5th February 2019

Media Statement made by Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch before the Allianz Stadium debate at tonight’s extraordinary Randwick City Council meeting.

Randwick Greens councillors Murray Matson, Lindsay Shurey and Philipa Veitch have lodged a rescission motion regarding council’s resolution on the Sydney Football Stadium. Greens councillors supported council taking legal action at last week’s meeting.

The consent for the NSW Government’s Allianz Stadium project has become a contentious issue in Sydney.

We have called for the extraordinary meeting and will be urging Randwick council to join Waverley in seeking an expedited hearing and legal challenge to stop the structural demolition, which is due to start on Friday.

Legal advice has been shared with City of Sydney, Waverley, Randwick and Woollahra councils that indicates there were serious flaws in the consent for the knock down.

At the times when the Sydney Cricket Ground and SFS will be operating with simultaneous events, there will be up to 95,000 spectators coming into the area. We believe the continuous flow intersection planned for the Dacey/Anzac/Alison Rd intersection is being designed to help meet this anticipated demand. This will have a massive impact on residents in west ward, already affected by the Light Rail.

We believe the $720 million cost could be better spent on essential services such as schools, hospitals and affordable housing, and helping local residents affected by the Light Rail who are desperate for assistance.

The Greens rescission on the Sydney Football Stadium consent can be read in full via the public business paper for tonight’s extraordinary Council meeting.


Greens Councillors to make second attempt to join Randwick with Waverley Council in Allianz Stadium legal challenge – 31st January 2019

Randwick won’t be joining legal challenge against Allianz Stadium approval – 29th January 2019

Annual Pauline McLeod Awards to be held in La Perouse

Randwick City Council is promoting the annual Pauline McLeod Awards. They are also hosting this year’s event at our local La Perouse Museum from 20 July to the 2nd of August.

It is an art exhibition that features inspiring and thoughtful art from Sydney primary schools. The students explore the theme of “Our Living Cultures”.

So if you have a budding primary school artist on your hands maybe check it out on the Randwick City Council web site.

“Pauline Elizabeth McLeod was a proud Yatemetung-Ngarrindjeri woman and member of the Stolen Generations. Through her incredible work as a cultural educator, Pauline McLeod led and inspired Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians towards better understanding, acceptance and healing. The Pauline McLeod Reconciliation Week Primary Schools Art Competition honours her legacy and is a significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander event recognising major work towards Reconciliation.” (Source Randwick City Council web site)

Museum opening hours:
Wednesday & Friday 10am to 2pm Saturday & Sunday 10am to 4pm

Greens Councillors to make second attempt to join Randwick with Waverley Council in Allianz Stadium legal challenge – 31st January 2019

Randwick Greens councillors Philipa Veitch and Lindsay Shurey have lodged a rescission motion following the defeat of their amendment to take legal action to stop the demolition and re-development of the Sydney Football Stadium. If the rescission motion is carried they will move a motion to join Waverley in their legal challenge.

Randwick City Council met at a confidential extraordinary council meeting on Tuesday night to consider a council report on the Sydney Football Stadium, following advice released to City of Sydney, Woollhara, Waverley and Randwick councils by the Labor party in December regarding the validity of the consent (as reported in the SMH 28/12/18).

Randwick Greens Councillors Lindsay Shurey and Philipa Veitch have lodged a rescission motion in an attempt to join Randwick with Waverley Council’s proposed legal challenge to the Sydney Football Stadium consent.

While the Greens moved an amendment to join the legal action to halt demolition of the stadium, the successful Labor motion called for a low-cost media campaign, and to “make public that part of Randwick Council’s legal advice indicating the consent of the redevelopment of the SFS is invalid in so far as it did not satisfy the EP&A Act as it failed to address the design excellence of the proposed concept…”

Greens councillor Philipa Veitch state today.

“Randwick City Council will now be publishing legal advice that states that there was a good case for a successful legal action to be pursued, yet Labor, Liberal and Independent councillors voted not to take it.

“If the advice sent by Labor to four separate councils was just a political stunt, it has given false hope to a huge number of residents who had the genuine belief that the demolition of the stadium may well be stopped.

“If the advice was genuine, Randwick councilllors have denied the people of NSW a chance to stop one of the most flagrant abuses of the public purse in recent memory. A $720 Million stadium, paid for by the sell-off of the Land Titles Office”.

“Greens on Randwick Council have been vocal opponents of the stadium re-development from the outset, and my motion on the SFS last October raised many serious concerns about the stadium. Residents in Kensington and other parts of the Randwick will be massively affected by this development. We have also worked hard to gain Randwick Council a position on the SFS Community Consultative Committee. The people of NSW have been denied a significant opportunity to stop the stadium once and for all.”

To offset legal costs incurred by council, the Greens moved an amendment to call on NSW Leader of the Opposition Michael Daley to reimburse council for costs if he is elected as Premier at the March 23 State election.

With demolition on stadium due to start, Greens councillors have lodged a rescission motion and will argue the case to give support to a legal challenge.

Draft Minutes – Randwick City Council extraordinary meeting Tuesday – 29-1-2019

Randwick won’t be joining legal challenge against Allianz Stadium approval – 29th January 2019

Labor, Liberal and independent councillors have combined to defeat an amendment put by Randwick’s three Greens Councillors that legal action be commenced against the Government’s Planning Minister over the consent.

The unsuccessful amendment by Greens Murray Matson, Philipa Veitch and Lindsay Shurey read as follows.

That Council.

  1. join Waverley Council in commencing a legal challenge against the development consent issued for the redevelopment of the Sydney Football Stadium; and
  2. commence a public campaign requesting the Minister for Planning to cease any further demolition works and give proper consideration to design excellence provisions; and
  3. write to the leader of the NSW Opposition the Hon. Michael Daley, with a request that if Labor is elected to government at the March 23 State election, he will authorize the NSW State Government to reimburse Randwick City Council for costs incurred in pursuing the legal challenge.

The final successful motion put by Labor Councillor Tony Bowen will be available on the Council web site by noon tomorrow, Wednesday 30th of January 2019. Amongst other things it commits Randwick to spending $5,000 to commence a public campaign against the Liberal Minister for Planning on demolition works which are understood to commence tomorrow.