Protected: New Development Application lodged for Maroubra Bowling Club site – 29th January 2018

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148 Brook Street Coogee once more under threat of demolition by developers – 23rd January 2019

UPDATE – The Randwick Heritage Action Group has now been formed by residents. It wants to save Coogee’s heritage buildings and extend the Dudley Street Heritage Conservation Area. Please consider signing their petition.

Greens Councillor and candidate for Coogee Lindsay Shurey is  fighting to preserve the fine old homes of Coogee from demolition. She is seen here at the demolition site of a much loved home in Dudley Street.

Residents who value heritage protection for Coogee’s find old homes have until the 31st of January to make a submission for or against the demolition of 148 Brook Street.

A Development Application (Ref Number: DA/944/2018) has been lodged with Randwick City Council to demolish 148 Brook Street Coogee.
148 Brook Street is currently being assessed on its heritage value by the Council.  An attempt was made late last year to demolish it under complying development provisions that allow applicants to bypass Council involvement.
That attempt was blocked by residents contacting Council which intervened to place an Interim Heritage Order (IHO) on the dwelling.
But the applicant is now making a fresh attempt by submitting a formal Development Application to the Council. Here is a link to the proposal as it is listed on Randwick City Council’s online DA tracking site.
A submission can be lodged at

NSW State election 2019 – Greens announce Kym Chappel as Heffron candidate – lawyer, activist and mum looking to shake up business as usual – 21st January 2019

Randwick Botany Greens are proud to announce their candidate for the seat of Heffron, Kym Chapple.

NSW Green Senator Mehreen Faruqi (left), Greens NSW state upper house candidate Abigail Boyd (3rd left), Randwick Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey (4th left), Randwick Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch (5th left) and Greens Newtown MP Jenny Leong (right) attended the preselection of Kym Chapple (2nd left) as their party’s candidate for the state seat of Heffron.
Kym Chapple – Greens 2019 candidate for the NSW state seat of Heffron

A spokesperson for the local greens said,

“We look forward to working with Kym to build on other Green successes in this area, including the election of Philipa Veitch to the West Ward of Randwick Council and many community wins on campaigns.”

Ms Chapple said:

“Heffron is diverse and growing rapidly, it’s a vibrant and
dynamic place to live, work and play but infrastructure isn’t keeping up with local need with schools, transport and community space under pressure.

“The buses and trains in our area are overcrowded and we
desperately need upgrades now, not years down the track.  But the priority of the Berejiklian government has been privatising transport with projects like Westconnex and knocking down stadiums rather than public transport.

“With half the residents of Heffron renting their homes we’ll be working closely with the community to improve renters’ rights and the right to secure, affordable housing that is not being delivered by the current system,” Ms Chapple said.

Background on Kym Chapple

Kym is a lawyer, activist and policy professional with extensive experience in campaigning for our communities and for the planet.

As the mother of two young children Kym is concerned about the shortage of parkland and open space for children to play in safely, as well as access to quality public education in the area.

Kym will be campaigning on the link between public green spaces and clean air with broader environmental issues and campaigns.

The Greens are planning a grassroots mobilisation in the electorate of Heffron, which contains voting booths recording some of the strongest Greens votes in the country, and borders the State seat of Heffron, held by Greens MP Jenny Leong.

A wrap up of what the Greens Councillors of Randwick City Council worked on from 2017 to 2018 – January 17th 2019

The Randwick-Botany Greens web site top banner.

Randwick Greens Councillors Lindsay Shurey (1st left), Murray Matson (2nd right) and Philipa Veitch (1st right) seen here during the 2017 Council elections with James Cruz (2nd left) now the Greens 2019 NSW state election candidate for Heffron

It has been a huge eighteen months for the Greens on Randwick Council, with a strong vote recorded across the LGA in the Sept 2017 Local Government elections. Incumbents Lindsay Shurey and Murray Matson were re-elected, with Philipa Veitch newly elected for the Greens in West Ward.  Lindsay Shurey was elected as Randwick Council’s second only female Mayor, stepping down in September 2018 to run as the Greens candidate for the seat of Coogee in the upcoming State election.

We have worked hard to progress important issues on the environment, social justice, and heritage in this last 18 months, campaigning hard on the Marriage Equality debate, winning support for victims of domestic violence, banning single use plastics on council and at council events, protecting precious heritage buildings from developers, and winning major amendments in our 20 Year Randwick City Plan to increase tree canopy, reduce waste, and move towards net-zero emissions by 2030.

In 2019 we will continue to work with our local community and the Randwick Botany Greens on a range of important issues, and welcome your ideas, input and support!

Statement from Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey – North Ward Randwick City Council and Mayor Sept 2017-Sept 2018

To me my greatest achievement as Mayor was the work I did in the domestic violence mitigation area. Here is a summary.

  • The setting aside of some of our affordable housing for domestic violence victims.
  • Having a domestic Violence leave Policy for Council Staff – the first in NSW and lauded by the unions.
  • Providing a place in Randwick for domestic violence counselling services.
  • Finding money for the completion of The Hub in Lexington Place.
  • Brokering a deal that sent Sydney Symphony into our poorest school, La Perouse Public School.
  • Providing Council Staff and Long Bay Gaol workers to assist our poorest schools.
  • Putting cycling and pedestrian safety at the top of Council’s agenda.
  • Winning the support of Council on the Same Sex Marriage vote debate.
  • Member of the following council committees: Australia Day; Greening Randwick (Deputy Chair); Cycleway and Bike Facilities; Environment; Coogee Bay Floodplain and the Sydney Coastal Councils Group.

Statement from Greens Councillor Murray Matson – East Ward Randwick CIty Council

I was active in the following Randwick City Council or Local Government NSW issues.

  • Extension of the Dudley Street Heritage Conservation Area to protect more of Coogee’s older dwellings.
  • Heritage studies into protecting the strip of Coogee dwellings from 39 Dudley Street to 152 Brook Street.
  • Urging the NSW Government to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030.
  • Calling on the NSW Government to ban plastic bags in NSW as soon as possible.
  • Supporting a review of State Environmental Planning Policy for affordable Rental Housing .
  • Recognising the need to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and oppose Adani.
  • Lobbying TfNSWfor to ensure safety on the shared Alison Road bike path.
  • Identifying the WestConnex’s St Peters interchange as likely to increase traffic in Alison Rd, Anzac Pde and Dacey Ave.
  • Lobbying Australian Councillors to support a national target of net zero equivalent CO2 emissions by 2030.
  • Reconstituting the Council’s Environment Committee to after its disbanding.
  • Seeking legal advice on challenging a new Dan Murphy’s liquor store in Brook Street Coogee..
  • Attempted to break the prohibitive monopoly that Ausgrid has in undergrounding of power lines.
  • Calling on the federal Government to suspend the rollout of small cell mobile phone facilities.
  • Achieving power bill relief for Randwick residents.
  • Working with the community and other Councillors to ameliorate storm water discharges at Coogee Beach.
  • Working to address issues that emerged during the public consultation for the proposed South Coogee to Kingsford separated bike path;
  • Member of the following council committees: Aboriginal Consultative (Chair); Community Affairs; Older Person’s Advisory; Power Bill Relief (Chair); Cycleway and Bike Facilities; Coogee Bay Floodplain and delegate to the Eastern Region LG Aboriginal and TSI Forum; Sydney Planning Panel and the Sydney Coastal Councils Group.

Statement from Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch – West Ward Randwick City Council

In 2018 I have worked hard to champion the rights of residents impacted by major infrastructure developments such as the CSELR Light Rail, the POW Hospital re-development and the Sydney Football stadium. My work in 2018 has included:

  • Fighting for assistance for residents affected by the POW Hospital redevelopment.
  • Making a submission to the Banking Royal Commission regarding changes to Banks’ lending policies on company title.
  • Advocating for residents affected by domestic and family violence, and winning a $300,000 support plan for a local domestic violence support service.
  • Fighting to protect our National Parks and our critically endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub.
  • Calling for a report to achieve targets in relation to greenhouse gas emissions (net zero emissions by 2030), energy and water sustainability and tree canopy coverage.
  • Making a referral to the Minister and Secretary for Planning, the EPA and the NSW Ombudsman regarding CSELR breaches of consent conditions.
  • Committing council to a Weed Management Review and increasing Food Waste Collection.
  • Supporting residential renters in the Randwick LGA.
  • Re-convened council’s Cultural Advisory Committee (Chair) to progress arts and culture in the Randwick LGA.
  • Member of the following council committees: Randwick City Night Time Economy; Environment (Deputy Chair); Community Affairs (Deputy Chair); Greening Randwick (Chair); Cycleway and Bike Facilities; Green Square and West Kensington Floodplain; Kensington and Centennial Park Floodplain; Digital Strategy; Randwick Health and Education Precinct Steering Committee; and delegate to the NSW Public Library Association.

Residents outraged as ceiling and carpets stripped out of Coogee dwelling being assessed for heritage protection by Randwick City Council – 8th December 2018

Greens candidate for Coogee Lindsay Shurey has called on Labor candidate Marjorie O’Neill and Liberal candidate Bruce Notley-Smith to ask their party’s Randwick City Councillors to vote against an attempt to block heritage protection for some Coogee dwellings at this Tuesday’s Council meeting.

Horrified Coogee residents saw a work team start stripping out ceilings and carpets from 148 Brook Street Coogee at 8am (Sat. 8th Dec. 2018) just days before Randwick City Councillors vote on whether to proceed with seeking heritage protection for the dwelling.

The  call came after horrified residents rang Greens Councillor Murray Matson to alert him that workers had started removing ceilings and carpets from 148 Brook Street Coogee  at 8am this morning. The removals come just days before Randwick City Councillors vote on whether to continue with seeking heritage protection for the dwelling along with neighbouring properties.

Last month Randwick City Council resolved to seek State Government approval to put 148 Brook Street’s proposed heritage listing on public exhibition. But the decision has to be re-debated on Tuesday night because Liberal Councillors have lodged a ‘rescission motion’  against it.

Ms Shurey, who is also a Greens Councillor, has called on other Coogee candidates to not to support the attempted overturning of the protection decisions.

“I call on the Liberal and Labor candidates for Coogee to ask their party representatives on Randwick City Council not to support the rescission motions at Tuesday night’s meeting.”

Councillor Matson states that yesterday a private certifier advised residents by a letter box notified residents that he given approval for 148 Brook Street to be demolished in 14 days time. A developer now no longer needs to get Council approval to demolish existing dwellings if the proposal ticks all the boxes as ‘complying development’. He said this morning,

“Peoples wonder why I am trying get various Coogee dwellings heritage listed. But they don’t understand that these days all a developer has to do to bulldoze one of Coogee’s fine old homes is to get a private Principal Certifying Authority to tick it off as complying development. Then there is nothing that Council can do. But by getting these homes heritage protected I can force developers to submit an old style Development Application to Council’s Planning department where it will have to be properly assessed. I am fighting a rear guard action against the fast tracking of demolitions in Coogee.”


“The heritage study rates the heritage significance of the building as “contributory”. In view of this assessment, the property at No. 148 Brook Street is determined to be significant in terms of the historical and aesthetic criteria of the NSW Heritage Office guidelines for assessing heritage significance and therefore warrants local heritage listing. Historically, the property is associated with a significant historical phase being the Interwar period and expresses through its fabric, continuity in this historical process. Aesthetically, the property shows distinctive aesthetic qualities in its form/composition including its original architectural detail and internal layout thus exemplifying the Interwar architectural style exceptionally well.” (Director City Planning Report No. CP57/18 Subject: Heritage Study of properties in Dudley Street and Brook Street, Coogee.  Randwick City Council 2018)

Update on proposed heritage protection for older houses in Coogee – 28th November 2018

CSELR issues – Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch continues to call for relief for Doncaster Avenue residents – 26th November 2018


The rescission motion failed at last night’s Randwick City Council meeting. This means that the resolution to Greens Councillor Philipa Vietch’s motion made at the previous meeting stands as the Council position.

Councillors remain divided on the appropriate response by Randwick Council to noise and vibration complaints from residents against CBD to South East Light Rail construction work.

Noise and vibration from the construction of the stabling yards for the CBD to South East Light light rail project have impacted heavily on residents in the adjacent Doncaster Avenue, Kensington

Randwick Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch is advocating calling the NSW state government to account for prolonged disturbance to Kensington’s Doncaster Avenue residents from the CSELR project.

Her latest attempt has been blocked by a rescission motion lodged by Liberal Councillors, which will be debated at tomorrow night’s Council meeting.

If the rescission motion fails the Council will proceed to put the existing resolution to a motion submitted by Cr Veitch at the previous meeting.

Council will urging  that construction work on the  rail stabling yard boarding Doncaster Ave be restricted to business hours along with all other work on the project that would not disrupt traffic.

The Mayor will also be authorized to put an add in the Southern Courier “…noting the failure of the State Government to respond to Council’s numerous representations on this extremely important issue.

Cr Veitch said today,

“I want the State Government to fully respond to the plight on my constituents in Doncaster Avenue who have serious complaints about structural damage caused to a number of houses. One has had suffered substantial damage to its ceiling.”

Update on proposed heritage protection for older houses in Coogee – 24th November 2018

Randwick Council to make a final decision on extending the Dudley Street Heritage Conservation Area – followed by a debate on whether additional Coogee dwellings in Dudley and Brook Streets should also be heritage protected.

At this Tuesday night (27th November) Randwick City Councillors will consider two separate heritage reports dealing with proposals for extended heritage protection for various Coogee dwellings.

Randwick City Green Councillors support more heritage protection for the disappearing old homes of Coogee. Pictured is 41 Dudley Street that will debated this Tuesday night.

The meeting starts at 6pm in the Council chambers at 30 Frances Street Randwick (corner of Frances and Avoca Streets).

Both reports were initiated by Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson after he was approached by residents seeking greater protection for Coogee’s older dwellings of heritage merit.  Councillor Matson said today,

“Coogee has lost too many old dwellings of heritage value. If we don’t move to retain what’s left we will lose part of what makes Coogee interesting for people who choose to live here.”

CP56/18 Post Exhibition Report: Planning Proposal Dudley Street Heritage Conservation Area Boundary Extension and Inclusion of Local Heritage Items

This proposal has recently come off public exhibition for consultation.

Council planners now recommend in this report that the Randwick Local Environmental Plan 2012 should be amended “…to extend the boundary of the Dudley Street Heritage Conservation Area to incorporate 38, 40, 42, 44 and 46 Dudley Street, Coogee and 122 Mount Street Coogee. These dwellings are described “as having heritage values that contribute to the Dudley Street Heritage Conservation Area.”

The report also recommends the listing of four of these dwellings (38, 42, and 44 Dudley Street, and 122 Mount Street) as deserving local heritage items items in their own right.

CP57/18 Heritage Study of properties in Dudley Street and Brook Street, Coogee

This report proposes protection for a further set of older Coogee dwellings that fall outside the extended Dudley Street Heritage Conservation Area.

The first part of the proposal is for the creation of a second “heritage conservation area” covering 37, 39 and 41 Dudley Street and 144, 146A, 146B, 148 and 150 Brook Street Coogee.

The second part of this proposal recommends an additional level of heritage protection for three of these dwellings, 39 and 41 Dudley Street and No. 148 Brook Street. These three have been identified as being of such significance as to warrant local heritage listing as specific “heritage items” in their own right.

Examples of “shared” bike paths in urban Sydney – 15th November 2018

UPDATE: Public submissions  to Randwick City Council on the South Coogee to Kingsford Bike Path proposal close this Friday, 23rd November 2018.

A shared bike path in Lee Street Chippendale that allows both cyclists and pedestrians still safely separates urban bike riders from heavy traffic.

A design change from bikes-only to a”shared bike path” that accommodates both pedestrians and bike riders, but excludes cars, might be the solution for retaining trees on Bundock Street Randwick if the proposed South Coogee to Kingsford bike path is built by Randwick City Council.”

The Council is seeking to establish a network of separated bike lanes in the local area in order to make cycling safer. The one proposed on Bundock Street will connect to the Kingsford light rail station via Sturt Street.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson says:

“As an elected Councillor I see my role to save as many trees as possible by pushing for design changes. The plan on public exhibition consists of a dedicated bike-rider-only bike path paralleled by a separate foot path, but it does not have to be that. The way I see it these two separate carriage ways could be combined into a “shared” bike and pedestrian path. This would allow for a narrower width where space is needed to retain a tree.”

Councillor Matson says that shared bike paths are being built in the Sydney CBD. He said,

“Bike riders tell me that shared paths work fine and that there does not always need to be a separation between pedestrians and cycles. They also report that Clover Moore has built many of her bike paths in the CBD as shared paths.

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Coogee Election 2019: Greens candidate Lindsay Shurey continues her vocal support for ongoing ‘ratios’ campaign by NSW Nurses & Midwifes Association – 3rd Nov. 2018

Randwick Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey joined local POW nursing staff in High Cross Park this afternoon as they continue their campaign to bring in better staff to patient ratios across NSW.

She said at the rally in High Cross Park today,

Better staff to patient ratios are important and need to be implemented in NSW

In her recent former role as Mayor she successfully moved that Randwick City Council would write to the NSW Minister to “…support the introduction of shift-by-shift nurse-to-patient ratios and a general review of the current Nursing Hours per Patient Day (NHPPD) Ratios.”

At the time she wrote:

The Prince of Wales branch of the NSWMA has presented a strong argument that improved nurses to-patient ratios can be expected to result in both better patient outcomes and reduced medical costs.

The NSW Nurses and Midwifes Association (NSWNMA) has been campaigning for expanded and improved nurse to patient ratios since 2011. Their objective is to shift the current Government ratios and how they are calculated to wards.

On a windy day Randwick Greens Councillor and Coogee candidate Lindsay Shurey (2nd from left) turned up outside Prince of Wales Hospital to show her continued support for the introduction of staffing ratios for NSW Nurses and Midwifes

The association has invested in detailed research to support their campaign objectives to combat the adverse effects of high patient to staff ratios in our hospitals.

The association argues that better ratios are financially beneficial by reducing length of patient stay and improving medical outcomes.

A 2010 study of mortality rates in WA reported that lower patient to staff ratios significantly decreased mortality rates and overall length of stay per patient (source: The Australian Health Review).

Councillor Philipa Veitch: Don’t start demolition until all residents safely out of their compulsory acquired homes -12th October 2018

Randwick Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch reports that residents  fear they will be exposed to dangerous asbestos and lead as demolition work starts on their homes  ahead of a $720 million Prince of Wales hospital redevelopment.

Residents of Eurimbla Ave, Magill Street and Botany Street received letters through their doors last year informing them that their homes would be bulldozed.

A process of compulsory acquisition was started by Health Infrastructure NSW (HI).

And while homeowners were invited to get their own valuations before negotiations over the final offer started  Councillor Veitch says the offers were  too low.

Councillor Veitch will be putting a motion to next Tuesday night’s Randwick City Council meeting calling on the the NSW Minister for Health, Brad Hazzard to prevent demolition work  until all homes on the site have been vacated  and fair offers made.


That Randwick City Council:

  1. Notes that initial demolition work has commenced on Eurimbla Ave, Botany and Magill Streets Randwick, in preparation for the construction of new Hospital, Research and Education facilities;
  2. Notes that substantial amounts of hazardous material including asbestos and lead dust are to be removed, with major demolition work – including the use of excavators, trucks and trailers – slated to begin by mid-October;
  3. Notes that at the time of writing, nine homes have yet to be vacated, with young children, elderly and seriously ill residents still living in these homes;
  4. Notes that the majority of these residents have not received any payment from Health Infrastructure for their homes, so are not in a position to move. Notes further that these residents have expressed serious concerns about the demolition, and removal of hazardous materials;
  5. Write to The NSW Minister for Health, the Hon. Brad Hazzard, and Health Infrastructure NSW requesting that:
  • Demolition work not take place until all homes on the site have been vacated;
  • All options to make an offer on the properties in accord with that obtained by the resident’s independent valuer be investigated as a matter of priority, to allow residents to purchase a new property of similar size and amenity to that of their current homes, and to facilitate the demolition and construction work on the new facility in a timely manner.